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Equipment Hire

Chilli have invested in equipment in order to offer short and long term solutions to our customers and now have refrigeration, heating, portable air conditioning and ventilation equipment readily available for hire. So if it's a crucial breakdown where a part is not readily available or a social event where extra cooling/heating etc., is required, we can supply the solution at competitive rates.

We don't just drop off the equipment but set-up and commission it. We also provide a 24 hour breakdown service, in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

Portable Air Conditioners

Potable air conditioning units are designed to dehumidify and extract heat from specific areas. They are ideal as a temporary cooling solution for homes, offices, workspaces, cafés, restaurants and kitchens where moisture is a factor.

Basically, they are like refrigerators and fans combined and most have thermostatic controls that give you a choice of cooling settings and fan speeds which allow you to manage the temperature and noise levels.

Portable Coolers

Portable coolers are normally used where there is no, or limited access to outside areas and the building has high and open ceiling space. They work by drawing cool air over a wet filter and this means, that although the overall room temperature is not reduced, it causes a ‘sea breeze’ effect.

In order to avoid condensation, the area should be well ventilated at all times.

Portable Fans

Portable fans are best suited to large areas such as factories, warehouses and sports centres. They give the sensation of cooling by circulating the air.

All fans require ventilation.

Photo of hire equipment Photo of hire equipment Photo of hire equipment
7.3Kw portable air conditioning unit with flexible ducts 5Kw portable air conditioning unit Variable speed, trolley mounted drum fan
Photo of hire equipment Photo of hire equipment Photo of hire equipment
110v and 240v 3Kw portable heaters 2Kw compact portable air conditioning unit 2.5Kw portable air conditioning unit

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